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A shower of lies from London 2012 organisers - Sports Shorts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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A shower of lies from London 2012 organisers [Jul. 27th, 2009|04:16 pm]
Sports Shorts


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"It is not raining in London 94 per cent of the time, rumours of our wetness are greatly exaggerated." said Boris Johnson today.

The Mayor of London was speaking as it was revealed that the roof over the Olympic stadium won't cover all the spectators.

Now, I'm not sure about you, but 'rumours of our wetness' (which I think may be being spread by the French) did not seem exaggerated when I got soaked on my way to work this morning - and have not seemed exaggerated over the past few weeks as the summer drifts down the drain.

Yet this was the official line from the 2012 organisers as London finds itself three years to the day from the opening ceremony.

Are we really that hard up that instead of paying to put a bit of extra roofing over the stadium, we simply make up lies instead?

Tessa Jowell went on to say "In the unlikely event that at some point it rains during the Olympics, people are used to pulling on raincoats to watch sport in this country."

Yes, we are - when we go to watch something rubbish like golf, or Shrewsbury Town.

You wouldn't have it at any Premier League ground in the country - so why should we be taking our raincoats along to 'the greatest show on earth'?