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Rugby League: There's a question mark over Wigan [Apr. 28th, 2010|01:49 pm]
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There haven't been many turnarounds in Super League like Harlequins' second half at Wigan on Friday.

For the bottom of the league to trail 24-6 at half-time and beat the top of the league 38-26 is the stuff of comic book fantasy.

Yet there was no fluke about it. Wigan were simply played off the park after the break.

They are still leading the competition, but that's the third rotten second half they have put in this season, following Bradford and Sheffield.

That has put just a little question mark over their credentials. As usual, there is a theory to go with it; in old school parlance, they might be what used to be called overtrained.

There is no doubt that Wigan were the fittest team in the comp during the first two months of the season, but that isn't a peak you can maintain indefinitely. If you could, it wouldn't be a peak - more of a plateau.

When your defence is built on getting extra men into the tackle, you don't have to be very far off the pace for the gaps to start to appear.

And as for that young Quins hooker Danny Orr... get him signed up, Wigan.
They don't exactly have an easy match with which to try to get back on the rails.

Wigan's clash with Huddersfield looks like the highlight of the Murrayfield weekend. I just hope there is a decent crowd there to see it.

A worrying number of people are saying that, although they enjoyed it last year, they feel they've now been there, done that, got the kilt.

It remains a great deal for anyone who likes lots of rugby in a beautiful city. What would you rather be doing this weekend?

From: hokieg
2010-05-28 01:55 am (UTC)

I won't worry about Wigan...

...I believe they will fare just fine this year. Not many teams can get up for matches like they can.

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