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Rugby League: Harlequins merit their place in Super League [Mar. 31st, 2010|01:23 pm]
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When Harlequins hit rock bottom in Super League last weekend, it would have seemed to a lot of people to confirm what they have always said - that they are not worth their place in the competition.

In terms of results and attendances this season, there is a case to be made against them.

In their defence, they are at least losing with a team largely composed on English players, many of them the product of development in London.

Below Super League level rugby league is a massive success in London, with grass-roots participation on an undreamt of scale and plenty of talent working its way up the pyramid.

That is why, if there is a case for ditching the 30-year adventure, there is also one to be made for persisting in the capital, even if nobody goes to watch. Take away the top of the tree and the lower branches will wither away.

Besides, Quins are getting a few players back now. There is a morale-boosting win or two around the corner.
Still on London matters, welcome back Lee Smith.

I hate to say I told you so, but at the time of his signing for Wasps I could think of few players less likely to adapt to a strange game in a strange city.

Sure enough, he has been miserable and he is back - no doubt reflecting that not only is the grass not always greener, there is sometimes no grass at all.