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Rugby League: Kear can get the best out of Cooke [Mar. 11th, 2010|02:25 pm]
Sports Shorts


At the time of writing, we're still waiting for confirmation that Paul Cooke is on his way to Wakefield.

It's one of those moves that just has to happen. Cooke has run his course at Hull KR, with the experiment of playing him at loose forward apparently abandoned after a couple of hours.

If anyone can now get some value out of him, it's John Kear. He knows the down-side of the player: the dodgy defence, the tendency to go off the rails, only training as hard as he feels like.

But he also knows what he can do. Like John, I've always enjoyed watching him play, especially waiting for that cut-out pass that he still throws better than anyone.

Yes, he will be a major test for Kear's gift for getting wayward players back on track, but it is surely worth a shot, all the more so after that performance against Huddersfield.

Just a word of caution about that game, though. Okay, Trinity lacked application and commitment on the day, but you have to factor in just how good the Giants were.

They played some text-book attacking rugby - the best I've seen from anyone so far this season. Their support play was exemplary and, if you were picking an England side at the moment, you'd have to have Kevin Brown at stand-off. He is developing now into the player he looked capable of being when he first emerged at Wigan - and Luke Robinson is at the top of his game as well.