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Rugby League: Senior was out of line [Mar. 3rd, 2010|06:09 pm]
Sports Shorts


Still plenty of fall-out from the World Club Challenge and it will be at least next Wednesday before the remaining loose ends are tied up.

That is when Keith Senior faces an RFL hearing over his criticism of Richard Silverwood as "arrogant".

Keith won't need anyone to tell him that he was out of order on the pitch. We aren't a game that tolerates giving the ref a gobful - and rightly so. The penalty arguably cost Leeds the game and he could easily have gone to the sin-bin.

I've a bit more sympathy for the substance of his complaint and for his conduct after.

It was clear that Senior was frustrated by the way Melbourne were allowed to slow down the ruck - and I'm with him there. It produced a match of a quite different rhythm from Super League.

Stuart Cummings' explanation is just that the Storm are extra good at getting extra men into the tackle and are doing nothing actually wrong. He stops short of saying that a couple more penalties couldn't have been awarded as Melbourne pushed the technique to its limit.

To me, the balance was a bit wrong and the Storm had it pretty much their own way.

Cue Keith Senior, who when asked for his opinion at least had the balls to say what he thought.

I reckon players and coaches should be entitled to express their opinions of refs' performances. I'm not sure that calling him "arrogant" should be an offence, if that's the way you find him.

Where you cross the line, as Justin Morgan found out last year, is calling him a cheat.

Having said all that, Leeds would still have won at Elland Road, if either a) Kevin Sinfield hadn't got injured or b) Scott Donald had been there to take one of the chances Kallum Watkins couldn't.

For all Melbourne's setting of the ground rules, that's how little there was between the teams.