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Rugby League: Cold steak pies, Irn Bru and a dreadful Super League launch [Jan. 28th, 2010|12:23 pm]
Sports Shorts


I've been a bit concerned about my carbon footprint this week - at least as far as questioning whether my journey to London was really necessary.

The RFL chose to launch the Super League season in the capital, which meant around ten hours on a coach for journalists and an equally inconvenient journey for players and coaches.

All of that would have been fine if there had been any discernable benefit, any extra profile or publicity, gained from the exercise. As far as I can see there was none and we didn't even get the usual wads of info from the clubs.

We did, however, get the 2010 Super League Media Guide. Ah yes, this is a booklet that will go down in the annals of publishing. The League spotted 400 mistakes at the proof stage but plenty still got through. I needed to check the age of Castleford's young full-back Richard Owen and was alarmed to find that he was listed as 32.

There were consolations in the London jaunt - a tempting diet of cold steak pies and Irn Bru (Made at Spotland from Gurkhas) for one.

You also get a breathtaking view of London from the Millbank Tower. It just seems a long way to go to find that Richard Owen has aged 13 years in one season.

From: paddockpunter
2010-01-28 03:48 pm (UTC)

Super League Launch

Poor David, having to come all the way to London. What do you think it's like being a Quins fan every other week spending hours on the motorways (often on a Friday night!!!).

Welcome to our world.
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