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Rugby League: Big freeze has preperations in chaos [Jan. 15th, 2010|01:20 pm]
Sports Shorts


The thaw seems to have arrived, but that will not prevent a number of sides going into the Super League season badly underdone.

The majority of pre-season friendlies have fallen victims to the new Ice Age, which has played havoc with coaches plans.

Take Harlequins, for instance. Their only preparation will be next Friday's game against the London Skolars; after that it's straight into the league against Wakefield.

The Wildcats will have managed a couple of games by then, but their media day was a casualty of the weather. Considering it was meant to be down a coal mine, that can be taken as evidence of how bad things have been in the Frozen North.

They're a funny institution, pre-season media days. I find I don't ge much specific out of them, more a sense of how things are shaping up. Perhaps that's why I alway think Bradford are going to do well - it's the effect of the excellent curries they provide.

Wigan's shindig happened as well and left me with two general impressions.

Firstly, the new fitness regime has had an impact, especially on players like Mark Riddell and the leaner, meaner Paleaaesina, who will now hopefully be able to operate in bursts of more than ten minutes.

I'm less impressed with Michael Maguire's wheeze of a group captaincy. It looks messy to me amd most clubs who have tried it have reverted to having one man in charge.