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Rugby League: Recruitments will have a big say [Jan. 6th, 2010|01:31 pm]
Sports Shorts


Oh yes, I'm in the mood for a bit of summer rugby now - and battling through the tundra next week to various clubs' press days will only sharpen the sense of anticipation.

As ever, the guesstimate of how teams will fare hinges on their recruitment, with just about every club having at least one intriguing addition.

Starting with Bradford, MATT ORFORD is the key man among their four new Aussies and I can't wait to see him.

Steady as you go at Castleford, but STEVE SNITCH is an under-rated player who will add something to the pack.

DALLAS JOHNSON is a blue-chip signing for the Catalans, something Crusaders have tried in vain to acquire, although NICK YOUNGQUEST could thrive at a higher level.

Quins have also struggled to recruit, but I look forward to seeing the development of BEN JONES-BISHOP - on loan from Leeds.

LEE GILMOUR still has a lot to offer to Huddersfield and who can resist the prospect of SEAN LONG in Hull colours?

Hull KR haven't invested much and will do well to sustain their progress, but MIKE RATU is a centre with potential.

Salford have had mixed luck with their overseas signings, but DANIEL HOLDSWORTH should bring some quality, whilst Saints look to have the centre they were missing last year in SIA SOLIOLA.

PAUL KING is a classic Wakefield signing and could blossom at the reformatory, but all eyes will be on RICHIE MYLER at Warrington.

At the other end of the half-back scale, PAUL DEACON is a fascinating arrival at Wigan. Don't rule him out of having an influential season.