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Rugby League: A grand strategy for England Four Nations glory [Nov. 12th, 2009|05:21 pm]
Sports Shorts


We all know that it will be good for rugby league in this country if England win the Four Nations this weekend. The question is how good.

Well, there will be no ticker-tape parade through the centre of London, perhaps just a bit of bunting in the streets of Batley and Dewsbury. Those in the know will recognise what an achievement it has been, but the rest of the world will carry on very much as before.

I've found the tournament a bit of a hard sell this time, possibly because England does not have the frisson of Great Britain in rugby league.

Getting to the final has lifted the level of interest among the previously uncommited, but not that much.

And, of course, we still have to win the damn thing. The grand strategy is something like this:

1) Pray for rain
2) Play the game down a 20 yard stripe through the middle of Ellend Road where our forwards could take on anyone
3) Stop Darren Lockyer throwing that miss-out pass to Greg Inglis
4) Failing that, hit him with the kitchen sink fractionally after he gets the ball
5) Keep praying for rain.