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Is Mike Ashley a sadomasochist? [Nov. 4th, 2009|05:28 pm]
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Does Mike Ashley simply enjoy pissing off Newcastle supporters? Does he want to be the most loathed man on Tyneside? This is the news that Newcastle today re-named their stadium as the sportsdirect.com @ St James' Park Stadium.

Now, it's fair enough that in the current climate football clubs look at whatever possible revenue streams there are, but sportsdirect.com @ St James' Park? It's possibly the most ridiculous thing since Dennis Wise landed a job as an executive director (football).

It's also the fact that Sports Direct is Ashley's own company. It's just rubbing it in Geordies faces that he's still there.

Yet, although the name is stupid, it does give us an excuse to dream up some other potential sponsorship deals (admittedly these get progressively worse as they go on, but feel free to add your own).

  • If Fulham were sponsored by Cathedral City: Cottage Cheese
  • If Sunderland were sponsored by Rivita: Stadium of Light Snacks
  • If Aston Villa were sponsored by Her Majesty The Queen: Villa Park-ER (terrible)
  • If Chelsea were sponsored by an old people's home: Stamford Bridge Club (even worse)
  • If Tottenham were sponsored by bread from the 80s: Mighty White Hart Lane
  • If Derby were sponsored by a gay awareness organisation: Gay Pride Park Stadium