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Rugby League: Maguire appointment is a condemnation of British coaching [Oct. 8th, 2009|12:36 pm]
Sports Shorts


Like most people in this country, I don't know Michael Maguire. Never met him; don't remember him as a player.

He might turn out to be the best coaching appointment Wigan ever made, but his impending arrival is still a condemnation of the British coach development programme.

For all the rhetoric over the last 20 years, when a club like Wigan needs a new man at the helm they look to Australasia.

Chairman Ian Lenagan was quite upfront about it. Australian RL is miles ahead and, if you want quick results - which he does - you need an Australian coach.

But it isn't as though he's bringing in Wayne Bennett or Craig Bellamy; he's bringing in Bellamy 's 35-year-old assistant, who has never coached first grade.

Have we reaally reached the stage where he is better qualified to coach in Super League than a man who has won Grand Finals and coached the national team.

If that is the case, I suggest that everyone charged with bringing through British coaches over the last two decades should be sacked immediately.

As I say, Maguire might turn out to be the most inspired choice since John Monie - who, incidentally, was an established first grade coach who had won Grand Finals. He might be the key to unlocking the potential of Shaun Wane, who, if his reserve grade side is any reflection, has much to offer in the long-term.

But it's not the long term with which Wigan are concerned just now. They want to win something next season and Maguire is the man who is expected to deliver.

No pressure there, then.

From: churchfenton1
2009-10-08 03:36 pm (UTC)


I agree with your views.
Apparently the Wigan Chairman said he has appointed an Australian Coach as he wishes to emulate the success Huddersfield have had since they appointed an Australian Coach.
My question is:
What success?
In 2009 Huddersfield lost in the Cup Final and achieved a play-off place.
In 2006 and 2007 Huddersfield lost in the Cup Final and achieved a play-off place. This was with a British Coach who didn't have the 'Man of Steel' in his team.
In 2009 Huddersfield finished 3rd in a poor Super League competition where they had the good fortune to play the bottom side three times.
It is sad that some of the people with the power to make decisions in Rugby League are so ill informed.
Stuart Sheard
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From: vencejo13
2009-10-08 06:53 pm (UTC)
Why are unproven coaches or players from the Antipodes even considered for work permits?
Is it true that the RFL gave dispensation/support for such an inexperienced coach in his visa application?

However, I will support any coach who brings forward young local players in preference to yet more journeymen from Austaralasia.
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