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Rugby League: Challenge Cup final was a match for the whole game [Sep. 2nd, 2009|04:15 pm]
Sports Shorts


Wembley felt like its old self to me on Saturday - that is, like an event for the whole game not just the two finalists.

Alright, it wasn't the greatest of games; Huddersfield, as they are all too well aware, didn't play well enough to make it that.

The ground wasn't full and probably, thanks to Club Wembley, probably never will be.

But, to me, the occasion just felt right. Perhaps it was the fact that we had two finalists from outside the usual suspects and we genuinely didn't have a clue who was going to win. Perhaps the stadium intself, rather oppressively new in its first year, is starting to feel lived-in and comfortable.

Next year we just need to ensure that we have a sensible gap between semis and final - not this year's ridiculous three weeks. No wonder that Huddersfield struggled to sell their allocation; a club less hungry for success than the Wolves would have struggled as well in that short time-span.

On the field, I think we could see the way it was going when it became obvious that Monaghan, Briers and Morley were all bossing their spheres of influence.

I voted for Monaghan, although I would hve been equally happy to see either of the other two pick up the Lance Todd. I'm off to the dinner now to see the Aussie hooker receive the award, but I'm hoping the other two will be there as well, because however sensible Tony Smith might have made them off the field, that will still be the guarantee of a convivial evening.