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Footy Forum: These early league tables are a nonsense [Aug. 25th, 2009|12:30 pm]
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The Footy Forum returns for another season, giving you the chance to air your views on the game's big issues. So get involved and let us know what you think...

After the very first match of this Premier League season, the league table has been paraded across the media, with various assumptions being drawn from each team's respective position.

We saw that Arsenal were top after the first weekend, and that now Tottenham are sitting pretty.

This has led to various 'insights' concerning how a team will fare this season, with suggestions that Tottenham might crack the top four and that Portsmouth are relegation certainties. But isn't all this a little bit premature?

Tottenham have in fact recorded exactly the same results as they did last season, so although they've enjoyed a tremendous start, can we really assess how much they've progressed since last term?

Australia captain Ricky Ponting made an interesting comment at the end of the Ashes. He said he hadn't looked at the score once during his innings, choosing instead to concentrate on his game because he knew that was all that was in his control. The batting legend may have been onto something.

Whether you're a Tottenham fan and see your side sitting on top of the pile, or an Everton fan worried about being bottom - when do you think the league table has some meaning, or indeed, do you think the table never lies and is already panning out as it will for the rest of the season?

Join the debate by leaving your thoughts and comments below.

[User Picture]From: j_riley
2009-08-25 11:58 am (UTC)

10 weeks

I reckon 10 weeks should be enough for it to become obvious that United are going to win it. Then again, they never lose a game over Christmas so... January 1st.
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[User Picture]From: s_rice
2009-08-25 04:33 pm (UTC)

The psychology of it all...

I can't help but think the table becomes important the moment it starts to be discussed. Football is such a psychological game and if, for example, Portsmouth players concern themselves with where they are in the table, panic may begin to settle in. This could affect their form and alter their results. Although, how they react will not necessarily be negative. But I do think the table can have an affect on a team from the very early stages.
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