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Things are getting desperate - we need some football, and fast [Aug. 6th, 2009|03:27 pm]
Sports Shorts


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It's been a long summer for football fans. With no summer competitions (the Confederations Cup doesn't count because it's stupid) we've been forced to fill our time reading endless transfer stories.

But if you want to know the exact moment that the lack of real footballing action has got too much (and no it's not watching Man United's tour of Asia) but when you decide to go and watch an 'open' training session.

Manchester City had one today, opening up Eastland's so fans could come and watch the new signings skip between cones and run really fast on the spot. And that really is all they were doing. No mini-games to brighten the show up a bit and certainly no contact. It actually appeared that the most interesting thing was Gareth Barry doing keepy-uppys.

If you are desperate for some football related entertainment during this close season, look no further than Tottenham. With a tradition that has become as predictable as the Tories winning the next election or the Daily Express finding an excuse to put Princess Di on the frontpage, Peter Crouch was today claiming Spurs are capable of finishing in the top-four. Every year they make this claim, and every year, well, you know how it turned out. When will they learn...