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Rugby League: The shyest man in Super League [Jul. 8th, 2009|12:03 pm]
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Much remains to be settled this season, but one title has already been claimed. The Shyest Man in Super League - it has to be Nathan Brown.

On my last three trips to the Galpharm, the Huddersfield coach has decided against attending the post-match press conference, sending his assistant Paul Anderson instead.

Now, I've nothing against Balloo. On the contrary, he has all the wit, wisdom and droll delivery one expects from a recently retired prop, even if he did start his latest stand-in performance with the immortal line "Don't quote me, but…."

Is that not what you're there for, Paul? But at least he was there, unlike his boss.

There doesn't seem to be any great drama about it. Brown seems an affable enough guy; he isn't at war with the media the way some other Super League coaches have been at times - and Brian McDermott still seems to be occasionally.

It's more a case of can't be bothered. On one occasion, when I asked what was keeping him away, I was told that he was with his family and they'd just opened a packet of Jaffa Cakes.

Well, I know confectionary can go off pretty quickly in a steamy Yorkshire summer, but surely something could have been worked out.

It has been pointed out that Brown wouldn't have the choice between Jaffa Cakes and journalists in the NRL, where he used to coach and where you have to turn up whether you like it or not. Even someone who takes as dim a view of most members of the fourth estate as Wayne Bennett has to front up and deliver a few observations through gritted teeth.

The trouble with sending your number two is that many papers regard quotes, however erudite, from a rugby league assistant coach as close to unusable. They certainly do nothing to earn a game any extra column millimetres.

The shame of it is that if Brown could delay his Jaffa Cakes for ten minutes or so, he has such a good story to tell.

The Giants are in third place and have the target of a home draw in the play-offs firmly in their sights. They are playing some fine rugby and attracting decent crowds.

So come and talk to us about it, Nathan. Come and shout it from the rooftops. Don't send a messenger.