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Ronaldo's transfer marks the fall of an empire [Jun. 12th, 2009|03:53 pm]
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Cristiano Ronaldo's £80m move to Real Madrid constitutes victory for Spain and the fall of an empire known as the Premier League.

Where before the three greatest players in the world were neatly spread across the three major leagues in Europe - they now occupy one - and it ain't the 'all-conquering' Premier League.

Spain finds itself in an orgy of self congratulation as the fallen great rises once again. We knew they were the best on the international stage but we English would look on and turn our thumbs southward whenever we gazed in the direction of La Liga.

Yet just a few weeks later, Barcelona slayed Alex Ferguson's side and proved La Liga is home to the best team in Europe, and now it's also home to the greatest player currently strutting the planet.

Meanwhile, the dream that was the Premier League is quickly resembling the decaying pantheons of a fallen Rome.

In the collapse of Setanta we're witnessing the demise of one of the Premier League's major broadcasters and it looks like some football clubs won't be far behind.

Liverpool have disclosed some of the most absurd finances ever seen. They're in such a bad state that, forget Kaka and Ronaldo - they couldn't afford Gareth Barry. This isn't the stuff of empire but yet another falling pillar in the grand coliseum of the Premier League.

Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore is regularly asking his fellow countrymen to lend him their ears. He bellows that England is home to the greatest league in the world - but where once we listened - the forum is beginning to empty.

Yes Ronaldo would sometimes resemble a glutinous heir to the throne instead of the gladiator he could be - but when he marches into the Spanish sunset - he might be taking with him more than his hot-pants and hair gel, but also the dream that was once the Premier League.