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Rugby League: Agar's honesty makes up for Hull shocker [May. 28th, 2009|11:18 am]
Sports Shorts


There wasn't much to admire about the way that Hull caved in at Leeds on Tuesday night. Nothing apart from the honesty of their coach, Richard Agar, in fact.

Agar could have made up all manner of fairy stories about why he had taken off Chris Thorman at half-time, but he admitted that he had taken him out of the firing line because he was having a shocker.

The Geordie can be one of the most creative players in Super League with the ball in his hands, but he was having a defensive nightmare at Headingley. Without hanging the lad out to dry, Agar acknowledged what had to be done. Full marks for straight-shooting when he could have fabricated an injury or other alibi. The player can now come to terms with what went wrong and everyone can move on.
Agar was similarly up-front when asked about the suggestion of obstruction in the lead-up to Ryan Hall's try. It prompted a Roy Keane-style rant at the ref from Mark Calderwood, but his coach was having none of it.

"What's Keith (Senior) meant to do?" he asked. "Get out of the way?"

There was a lot of Richard's dad, the former coach Allan Agar, in the way he dealt with those questions. Full marks for honesty, just nul points on the night for defensive commitment.

On Saturday night, for about ten minutes, you will have a tricky choice.

Whilst the BBC are showing the closing stages of the Hull KR v Warrington CHallenge Cup tie, Sky will have started their coverage of Celtic Crusaders v Wakefield in Super League.

I'm not sure I can remember a clash of two different rugby league matches on two networks at the sasme time. I'm told it probably happened when Crusaders' games were on C4 Wales, but I don't really count that.

It doesn't quite rank with the pub in Balmain where I once saw four different games on four different tellies, but it's getting there.