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Rugby League: The claxon almost blasted me out of my chair [May. 21st, 2009|11:48 am]
Sports Shorts


I'm going to have to seriously consider changing my seat at the JJB Stadium.

I've long thought that the best view in the place is from directly in front of the time-keepers.

Not if they act on Stuart Cummings' instructions and get a louder hooter it isn't.

In case you missed all this, referee Richard Silverwood didn't hear the half-time hooter when Wigan played Hull KR last Friday. Play went on and, as sod's law dictates, Rovers scored a crucial try and went on to win the match.

I can tell you that the claxon had already sounded because, as usual, it almost blasted me out of my chair. If it gets any louder I'll be able to stay at home and say 'Ah, there's half-time at Wigan.'

I wonder whether the failure of Mr Silverwood to hear the horn has anything to do with one ear being stuffed full of technology. One thing for sure; if it had been a televised match, it would have gone to the big screen and the try would have been wiped off.

Whether that means that Wigan would have gone on to win the match is less certain. I suspect that Rovers were so tough on the night that they might have won it anyway.

Something that might have changed that would have been some extra strike-power on the Wigan bench. If they can't be trusted to start games, surely there's a role from the bench for an Ainscough or a Sam Tomkins. Running low to the ground in conditions like Friday night's, either one of them could have been devastating.

I see this week that the wing sensation of two years ago, Kevin Penny, has gone to Widnes to get a game. Am I alone in finding it rather depressing that, given the general dearth of talent in the outside backs, neither of the two most exciting attackers in the game can't get a run in Super League.

Of course they have defensive weaknesses, but the last time he let a try in he scored four by way of compensation. Following that logic, Brian Bevan wouldn't have got a game.

Please note that I'm not making a direct comparison here; but defence, whilst it is obviously important, is not the only thing.